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Furbulous Box. 

The self-cleaning and packing cat litter box. For cats.



Clean, pack, seal, and refill. Smart cleaning ensures a healthy and clean bed of litter for your cat by globe cycling and filtering. Pack the waste inside the trash box anytime you want. You can wait for the "trash box full" alert after cleaning. Get sealed inside the trash box. The waste won't be exposed to the open air when pulled out of the trash box, preventing odor, mildew, and molds. Removing the packed trash will refill a new trash bag for you, which frees your hands and keeps odor away.

Safety is Always the First Priority. The lifeguard system has seven sensors to detect your cat's movements and weight changes. The Furbulous Box will stop performing w the cat wanders nearby or accidentally jumps in/on the unit. The Furbulous Box is designed with an anti-pinch structure. Your cat will never be stuck in the globe.

Smarter Pet Care with Furbulous App. Control, manage, and customize Furbulous Box via the Furbulous App. Track behavioral habits and monitor your cat's weight right after every use of your phone. Visualized weekly and monthly insights allow you to identify irregular bowels and weight changes.

MSDS Certificated Deodorant for Odor Removal. BPA-free/Gluten-free/Aluminum-free/Paraben-free/Alcohol-free. Extraordinarily compensate for unpleasant smells all the time. The fresh and clean scent refreshes the cat litter but won't bother your cat.

Easy Disposal & Clean. The movable entrance door and built-in Mobius-strip-inspired litter tunnel allow you to empty all unwanted cat litter with just one click. The globe, filter screen, and litter bed are easy to disassemble and can be washed with running water.

Compatible with All Clumping Cat Litter. The shell-shaped filter screen is compatible with all kinds of clumping cat litter. The filter screen only removes clumps and preserves clean litter for the next use. Furbulous Box offers one of the best ways to save money and time as a cat parent.

Prevents Sticky Poops and Urine Leakage. The litter bed inside the globe is made of non-stick, waterproof, and scratch-proof polyester fabric. The built-in sealing strip around the litter bed helps to prevent urine leakage.

Perfect for Large-Sized Cats. The extra-large 60L globe is suitable for all-sized cats. They may use the Furbulous box freely if they can enter (the entrance door is 8.27"x9.25"). And there is no maximum limit on the cat's weight.

Tailored to Multi-Cat Families. Every cat can now have their dedicated profile with accurate weight tracking, allowing you to manage each fur baby's habits data separately. Precise Habits Data: Observe unique patterns and gain valuable insights into each cat's health and well-being with personalized data. User-Friendly Interface: Effortlessly switch between your cats' profiles on our intuitive app, making pet parenting a breeze.

A large entrance allows the cat to turn around easily. It prevents litter from spilling out when digging the litter over poops. The over 6L large trash box makes Furbulous Box a perfect choice for multi-cat households.

Quiet Operation Avoids Stressed Cat. The highest noise level of Furbulous Box in operation is 60dB, which only appears for seconds. (60 decibels is as loud as a normal conversation between two people sitting at about one meter.)

Why self-packing and sealing are essential? We think auto-packing is crucial because giving people hands-free solutions is not the only thing we should care about. But to provide a healthier environment for cats using the litter box daily. The trash box of a traditional auto-cleaning cat litter box holds used litter for up to 7 or even more days. The used litter in the trash box promotes the growth of deadly aflatoxin mold in cats and surrounding areas. The technology of packing and sealing inside the trash box will avoid any of those concerns.

Size. 22.44 x 11.4 x 24 inch