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Your Furbulous Box arrives almost fully assembled and ready for use. Get started by following these steps below. 

Step 1: Place the Furbulous Box in the same location as your old litter box during the transition period.

Step 2: Make sure that the unit is placed on a firm, level surface to avoid any wobbling or instability. Soft, uneven, or unstable flooring should be avoided, and the unit should be kept indoors to prevent exposure to direct sunlight.

Step 3: Position the unit near a power outlet, making sure it is not pushed against a wall or into a corner, and is not touching any walls.

Step 4: Place the litter mats or rugs in front of or completely under the unit. It is important to avoid placing the litter mat partially under the unit, and to use only low pile (≤0.5 inches) rugs or mats.

Step 5: Put the deodorant bar into the deodorant box inside the globe.

Step 6: Fill the globe with clean clumping cat litter up to the max line. Do not use non-clumping litter.

Step 7: Finally, plug in the Furbulous Box and the globe will automatically reset the globe's position for you.

Instructional Video


Instructional Video



This cat litter box provides a spacious internal use area of 60L, ensuring ample room for your cat's optimal comfort. The 245 x 210mm entrance is particularly welcoming to larger cats, making it an ideal choice for multi-cat households.

The machine is designed to include the entire process: automatic litter cleaning, automated packing, and automatic sealing and refilling. This ensures a hassle-free experience for both you and your feline companion.

It is compatible with any clumping litter. We recommend high-quality clumping litter, such as tofu litter and clay litter. As for trash bags, only use Auto-Packing Trash Bag to ensure the packing function of the FURBULOUS BOX.

Furbulous Box is ideal for cats heavier than 3 lbs. and older than 6 months. There is no fixed number of cats per unit. We recommend having one Furbulous Box for every 2-3 cats. We do not recommend that kittens or cats that weigh less than 3 lbs. use the Furbulous Box in the auto-cleaning mode. Their low weight and tiny size may not activate the lifeguard system.

Yes, it will. If your cat's stool is liquid-like, set the waiting time via App to a longer period until the stool solidifies.

Yes, the weight sensors of Furbulous Box distinguish cats according to their weights, but if your cats are very close in weight, the unit might not be able to tell the difference.

Furbulous Box is equipped with a Lifeguard System to ensure your cat's safety. The Lifeguard System will detect your cat approaching or entering the box. For safety considerations, the unit will pause when your cat approaches, enters the globe, or jumps on the box.

If there are two cats in the house, you must pack the trash bag at least once in 7 days. You can empty the waste drawer after auto-packing. You can pack the trash anytime anywhere via the app, or press the button on the control panel.

It depends on how much cat litter is used. Please make sure to check the globe regularly. Always add new litter to the MAX line and reset the Furbulous Box to ensure the accuracy of weight detection.

Fill the Globe with approximately 5.5 pounds of litter, until it meets the MAX Line on the Litter Bed.

This depends on your personal preference and your cat's behavior. We recommend wiping the inside of the Globe every 2 weeks and cleaning the whole unit every 1 month. CAUTION: The Base of the Furbulous Box contains electrical components that should not be submerged.

Furbulous Box is safe with 12 Volts DC using an adapter very similar to the ones you may have at home for devices like a clock radio or for charging your cell phone. It is completely safe for your cats.