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Step 1: Plug the Furbulous Box to turn the unit ON.

Step 2: Download the Furbulous App from the App Store or Google Play. Scan the QR code to be directed to your specific app Store.

Step 3: Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device.

Step 4: Press the Menu button until the Wi-Fi icon is displayed and press the OK button to start connecting.

Step 5: Click the + button on the home page of your mobile device to search for the Furbulous Box.

Step 6: Follow the prompts in the Furbulous App.

Step 7: Once the Furbulous Box is successfully connected to WiFi, you are ready to remote monitor and control your litter box!

*We recommend allowing notifications in your mobile device settings to receive messages in time.

Tutorial Video: Furbulous|How to Connect Furbulous Box to Your App

Your data is stored in the country and region where the user is located. Countries and regions are selected during the first registration and login. The app DOES NOT obtain user geographic location information and IP address to avoid personal privacy protection risks involved in collecting such information.

The user's device will be connected to the same server as the user’s selected countries and regions. The data generated by the device will also be saved on this server. 

Yes. Users can register with the same username on multiple servers in different countries and regions. However, these accounts are entirely separated accounts. Users must log out from the previous account to log in to the new one.

No. Users can only view, control and connect to devices in the same location as their current login account.

Yes. If the user has registered an account in country A and connected the device to the server where country A is located. When moving to country B, the user can register a new account at country B and then re-connect the device. The device will be reconnected to the server in country B.

The device can be shared with users’ accounts on the same server, even though they are not in the same country.  For example, a user registered in France can share their account with a user registered in Germany because ALL EU ACCOUNTS CONNECT TO THE SERVER IN FRANKFURT. A Japanese user can also share the device with Singapore users since they connect to the Singapore server. Please see a complete list of countries/regions and servers below.

Server in Frankfurt: EU countries and the United Kingdom.

Server in Virginia (United States): United States and Canada.

Server in Singapore: Singapore, Japan, Australia, and Taiwan (region).

When the weight sensors and the IR sensors are activated at the same time, the Furbulous Box will record that your cat is using the device. If you have multiple cats, it may happen that Cat A uses the litter box, while Cat B jumps on the Upper Cover to take a nap. However, when Cat A exits, the weight added to the device does not completely vanish. Only after Cat B jumps away will the record of your cat using the device stop. Thus extending the duration of your cat's use of the Furbulous Box.