Furbulous Box Lands in Australia

Furbulous Box Lands in Australia

Nov 08, 2023Furbulous AU/NZ

Revolutionizing Cat Care with Auto-Packing Feature, Debuting at Sydney Pet Show

Attention, cat lovers! The Furbulous Box, a groundbreaking self-cleaning and auto-packing cat litter box, is now available in Australia and New Zealand. This product, with its intelligent, hygienic, and convenient features, is set to redefine pet care standards, especially for cat owners.

Smart Cleaning and Auto-Packing Convenience

The Furbulous Box not only ensures a clean litter bed with its automatic cleaning but also boasts an innovative auto-packing feature. After cleaning, waste is automatically packed and sealed within the trash box, minimizing odor exposure and maintaining a hygienic environment for both cats and owners.

Hygiene and Safety Combined

Equipped with a seven-sensor lifeguard system, the Furbulous Box guarantees the utmost safety for your cat during use. Its design prioritizes hygiene, ensuring your home remains odor-free and clean.

Tailored for Cat Health

Integrated with the Furbulous App, this litter box enables pet parents to monitor their cat's health by tracking behavioral habits and weight changes, vital for early detection of health issues.

Eco-Friendly Odor Management

The Furbulous Box employs an MSDS-certified deodorant, effective in eliminating odors and safe for the environment. It's compatible with all clumping cat litters, reducing waste significantly.

Perfect for Multi-Cat Households in Australia

Designed with spaciousness and a large waste compartment, the Furbulous Box is an ideal solution for Australian homes with multiple cats.

Showcase at the Sydney Pet Show

Join us at the Sydney Pet Show on November 18th and 19th, 2023, to witness the Furbulous Box in action. Experience the revolution in cat care at The Dome, Sydney Showgrounds, with a series of promotional activities.

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